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Frequently asked questions

  • If you're looking to buy a used vehicle, you don't always know what you're getting. That's where comes in - we will check the full & concise history of the vehicle and highlight any problems or potentials issues that you may not know about. Some of our checks are free, and some aren't - but given that we're called 'Free Car Check', we try to throw in as much as possible for absolutely nowt.

  • Our vehicle checks are pretty detailed - we utilise data from the Police National Database (PND), DVLA and the Motor Insurers Bureau, Experian, Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) plus a few others. If there's something scary then we'll find it and let you know instantly. It only takes a few seconds!

    1. If the car has ever been stolen
    2. Ever been involved in an accident or written-off
    3. MOT History & full list of failures/advisories
    4. Change of vehicle plates (i.e. cloned)
  • Bear these stats in mind if you still can't make a decision:

    Around 1 in 4 vehicle checks that we conduct show something critical that the buyer didn't know about - stolen vehicle, been in an accident etc.

    Measured May 2019

    Unfortunately there are, occasionally, dishonest people in every walk of life and used car sales is no exception. It may even be the case that the vendor isn't aware of the problems and bought the car "as is".

  • Instantly! All our reports are available 24/7 there is no waiting around.

    In the event that we do not hold any information at all on the vehicle, then we will alert you before generating a report. So if you are worried about paying and then realising that we do not hold any information on your vehicle, then don't be - our system doesn't work like that. If we list the vehicle on our website, then we will have the relevant vehicle data history report for it!

Data checks for any vehicle

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You may have seen reports in the popular press this week, that the DVLA is blocking certain offensive private number plates (VRMs) from being sold. According to MailOnline, speaking about the ’69’ plates, a DVLA spokesman said: ‘The vast majority of registration numbers are made available for general issue and for sale, and the numbers […]

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DVLA generates ยฃ16m from data delivery

The DVLA has made over ยฃ16m from releasing driver’s details to parking companies such as Parking Eye – where they sell the details for up to ยฃ2.50 a pop in order to charge them for ‘breaching’ contracts. The controversial parking charges system uses DVLA data to trace the driver details, and then issue fines to […]

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