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More data - more sources

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Our free reports are detailed

No more relying on dealer's printouts. We are unbiased and available 24/7

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We stand by the accuracy of our data. And if things aren't correct, our £30k Data Guarantee gives you peace of mind

All reports instantly available

No need to wait around, any time of day (or night) our checks are ready

Transparent & fair

A lot of our data is free, but if you need a Premium report, we're the cheapest in the UK


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Frequently asked questions

  • If you're looking to buy a used vehicle, you don't always know what you're getting. That's where comes in - we will check the full & concise history of the vehicle and highlight any problems or potentials issues that you may not know about. Some of our checks are free, and some aren't - but given that we're called 'Free Car Check', we try to throw in as much as possible for absolutely nowt.

  • Our vehicle history checks are pretty detailed - we utilise data from the Police National Database (PND), DVLA and the Motor Insurers Bureau, Experian, Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) plus a few others. If there's something scary then we'll find it and let you know instantly. It only takes a few seconds!


    Instantly verify now if any UK registered car, van or motorbike has any of the following adverse history:

    1. If the vehicle has ever been stolen;
    2. Ever been involved in an accident or written-off;
    3. MOT History & full list of failures/advisories;
    4. Change of vehicle plates (i.e. cloned); and
    5. Scrapped, salvaged, imported or exported, plus 50 more checks
  • Bear these stats in mind if you still can't make a decision:

    Around 1 in 3 checks conducted show something critical that the buyer didn't know about - stolen vehicle, been in an accident etc.
    Date during May 2020

    Unfortunately there are, occasionally, dishonest people in every walk of life and the used car market is certainly no exception. It may even be the case that the vendor isn't aware of the problems and bought the car "as is" - whatever the situation, it pays to know.

    There's also the increasingly common risk of "cloning" or "ghosting" - this is where a legitimate car's vehicle plate is copied to another one, and used for illegal purposes. It's similar to identify theft but for cars. If you are worried about buying a car that has been ghosted then, well, you should be! Because you may become liable if you buy a car with such a dodgy history; parking fines, car insurance claims, and the rest of it. In many cases these can be successfully disputed - after much tedious effort and explanation. Not exactly our cup of tea!

    So don't become another statistic. We specialise in UK (and import) vehicle checks: protect your investment and get instant peace of mind today for the lowest price online. Never buy a used vehicle without checking its history first.

    Whether it's a van HPI check, a classic car check or anything in between - we've got it covered. Get instant peace of mind today!

  • Instantly! All our reports are available 24/7 - there is no waiting around.

    In the event that we do not hold any information at all on the vehicle, then we will alert you before generating a report. So if you are worried about paying and then realising that we do not hold any information on your vehicle, then don't be - our system doesn't work like that. If we list the vehicle on our website, then we will have the relevant vehicle data history report for it!

  • Yes. We can instantly check any UK number plate - as long as it's valid. Even if your vehicle is on a SORN or uninsured/untaxed, we can still check the status.

    The only vehicles we cannot check, currently, are foreign plate ones. For example if you are looking to check the history of an Irish vehicle with Irish style plates, then our system does not yet support all of these formats unfortunately. We are working on adding more EU formats all the time, allowing you to verify the history of imported (grey import) cars from the Continent, very soon.

How to use our free vehicle data checks:

  • Enter your vehicle registration number (VRM) and click "Check Vehicle" to view basic vehicle data
  • Our Free checks included import/export verification, MOT, Tax (VED status) and more
  • Get a Premium report to get all features and checks for ultimate peace of mind

FreeCarCheck is a relative newcomer to the market but we're intent on shaking things up, by offering as MUCH as we can with our free checks - and if you feel that you need to upgrade to a full report then we are the cheapest for that. See how we compare with our competitors here

At their most basic, a car history check will tell you things like: the make and model. Traditionally there has been no "free" car check because to get that information from the DVLA or Experian costs money to the provider. This is still partly the case however here at Free Car Check we provide much more information as part of our Premium reports than other providers - and for less money.

What is the risk?

Do not forget - if a seller owes money on a vehicle to a finance company, the finance company legally owns the vehicle. And what's more the seller has no right to sell it, without settling the finance first. So if you've already bought the vehicle with outstanding finance, there is a strong chance that it can be repossessed unfortunately. Worst of all, leaving you without a vehicle and also out of pocket which could potentially cost you tens of thousands of pounds! Is it worth risking this - when you can instead get instant peace of mind for only £9.95?

Best Free Vehicle Check Features
🔥 MOT results, MOT history for FREE?Yes
🔥 Price to upgrade to full HPI report£9.95
🔥 No. of checks included42+
🔥 Includes Data Guarantee?Yes

Here at Free Car Check we will look for things like: Stolen history from the Police National Database (PND), full DVLA history including colour changes and scrapped data, full MOT history (both passes and failures) as part of our FREE plan - offered nowhere else online!, checking for plate changes (cloned check) and also verifying your VRM against the high risk register. Plus over 50 more checks for £9.95 inc. VAT - get started above by entering your vehicle's number plate (UK format only, sorry we do not check foreign-registered vehicles at this time).

Data checks for any vehicle, including:

Mercedes Benz