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FreeCarCheck.co.uk offers the same level of data that our competitors do, but without the price tag. Big names brands like HPI® Check and MyCarCheck charge a premium – but why pay more? At FreeCarCheck you’ll get everything you need to verify the history of any UK vehicle, all for £8.75 (inc VAT) — a small price to pay to put your mind at ease.

Can you afford NOT to find out?

Very few people realise that if you buy the vehicle, you will be forced to hand it back in all likelihood if it’s stolen or has outstanding finance on it (and no, you probably won’t get a refund on the vehicle purchase price either).

Get full peace of mind for only £8.75 – the CHEAPEST price in the UK. Can you afford to risk it?

Surprisingly, around 1 in 4 of our data checks show something untoward in the vehicle’s history – that might not just be outstanding finance but a range of issues. For example, it may have been stolen or imported. This kind of information is NOT disclosed publicly.

Should I buy a car without an MOT?

It really depends on the price of the car! But in most cases, it’s not advised to do this. There is nearly always a reason why there is no MOT on the vehicle and why the vendor hasn’t arranged this. Did you know that FreeCarCheck now shows the full MOT history taken straight from the DVLA as part of our FREE checks?

Will my vehicle report be available instantly?

Absolutely. Our automated systems will provide you with immediate access to any vehicle’s entire history, day or night, even on Christmas Day. All you need to do is enter the VRM (vehicle registration mark) such as “AY16 ABC” and we’ll take care of the rest.

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