Insurance Write-Off Check

Insurance Write-Off Check

One of the most important checks you should carry out before purchasing a used car is an insurance write-off check. We describe a car as ‘written-off’ after an accident. Often the damage is too severe, or the repair costs will far exceed the car’s current value. There are four main categories of write off.

    • Category A cars are cars that have suffered from severe damage and can never be roadworthy again. They are only good for scrap.
    • Category B – Cars that have suffered extensive body damage, although some parts will be salvageable. A cat B car will never be roadworthy again, but it is possible to take the parts from it and use them on other vehicles.
    • Category S – This applies to vehicles that have suffered structural damage. For example, a bent or twisted chassis or collapsed crumple zone. Although unsafe to drive with this damage, a professional can repair them so they can be driven on the road again.
    • Category N – Usually for cars that have suffered non-structural damage. For example, a problem with the electronics that isn’t economical to repair>Faults with the steering or braking system can also mean a car is written off as a category N.

Do you know whether your car has been written-off in the past?

An insurance write-off check will tell you if the car you are looking at has been recorded as a write-off. It will also determine which of the above categories the vehicle belongs to.

An Insurance Write-Off Check Offers Complete Peace of Mind

Although category S and category N write-offs can be repaired and the car sold, it’s still worth knowing whether a car has been written off in the past. When selling a car that has been previously written off, the law states that you must inform any potential buyers. So an unexpected result from an insurance write-off check could mean you are buying from a dishonest person. It’s always best to double check in this situation. An insurance write-off check will give you peace of mind that you’re not buying a previously damaged car.

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