Find car owner by vehicle registration number plate

It’s not as straight-forward as you might think to find vehicle owner information by using nothing but the number plate (VRM). The DVLA don’t hand out this information to just anyone, so you need to jump through a few hoops to get it.

Concerned about a vehicle? It may be a better idea to contact your local council if you have some concerns about a vehicle (such as an abandoned one), and there are processes in place to assist with this exact situation already.


Will a Vehicle Check show the registered keeper name?


It is unlawful in the UK for us to disclose the registered keeper’s details without their permission and it’s the same for everyone else – unless you have a just cause.

Some examples of what the DVLA calls a just cause might be: if you are a parking charge company looking to find out the registered keeper to send them a fine, then that would probably be a “just cause”. A vehicle check service such as ours, or an HPI Check by a rival company, will not disclose the registered keeper’s details or address(es).

If you want to find out the current registered keeper’s name, address and so on then it may be possible  – but it involves some legwork. You can find out more here in our guide on requesting driver information from the DVLA.


⭐ What owner information do you get in a Vehicle Check?

A vehicle check from FreeCarCheck WILL show how many registered keeper(s) have owned the vehicle. We just cannot show specific, personally-identifiable information about previous owners/keepers.

Purchase a vehicle check from FreeCarCheck here, and we will include all of this information:

  • The date that the previous keeper sold the vehicle
  • The date the previous keeper purchased the vehicle
  • How many previous owner(s) there are according to the V5C log book
  • Date first registered
  • Model year eg “2015”
  • Optionally – town/city where first registered
  • …and much more!

A Premium vehicle check service costs only £9.95 (inc. VAT) and also includes several other, additional vehicle checks like if the vehicle has ever been stolen, has outstanding finance and much more — Start here.

Tip: If you are buying a car shortly, and want to know if the registered keeper is genuine then make sure to check out this handy V5C verification guide as well.


How to find the address of the vehicle owner, by number plate?

If you want to find out the address then the process is the same as above, you will need to fill out form V888 from the DVLA and provide a “just cause” reason.  However…

It’s unlikely that the DVLA will provide you with this information if for example you are concerned about a car that has been parked outside your house. It would be much better to tell the DVLA or the local council about it, rather than do any investigate work yourself. GOV.UK provides more information here including a helpful lookup feature if you aren’t sure who your local authority is.


The form you’ll need – V888

I have a dispute/legal issue with someone and want to find out their details by their registration plate. Is it possible?

No, it is not possible using any “vehicle check” service, so you may wish to approach the DVLA who hold this information.

Again, your mileage will vary but generally this kind of situation will not come under “just cause” with the DVLA, but remember it’s free to try. The DVLA’s form for requesting personal information on a registered keeper – form V888 – asks the applicant to provide some information on why they are requesting this data. As per this thread, it is then up to the DVLA clerk to decide if they will divulge this or not, although with the advent of GDPR has made this a bit trickier still.

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Will a Vehicle Check show the registered keeper name?


It is unlawful in the UK for us to disclose the registered keeper's details without their permission and it's the same for everyone else - unless you have a just cause.

⭐ What owner information do you get in a Vehicle Check?

Our vehicle checks DO however show how many registered keeper(s) have owned the vehicle, we just cannot show specific personally identifiable information about the keepers.

How to find the address of the vehicle owner, by number plate?

If you want to find out the address then the process is the same as above, you will need to fill out form V888 from the DVLA and provide a "just cause" reason.  However...

69 thoughts on “Find car owner by vehicle registration number plate

  1. I recently looked into finding a car owner using the number plate, but it turns out it’s not that simple due to privacy rules. If I ever have concerns about a vehicle, I’ll remember to contact my local council; they have processes in place, especially for situations like dealing with abandoned cars. 🚗🔍

  2. Hi,
    I bought a car last year and there is a car check website that says the car has been damaged and it shows that for my hercules company van too. I keep checking the vehicles every single day I check it and nothing is there. My previous car was sold to me with a faulty battery which I replaced and sold it after a couple of months. There is no damage done to the engines and no alerts at all . I reported the website to dvla and not a single thing has been done about it and I don’t want others to think their car is damaged either and tried to block the website but couldn’t.

    1. hi i bought this c3 june 2023 i know its had a bang the two front are touching at front bottom corner when you open and close the doors

  3. Hi
    could someone answer my question please?
    7 years ago, when I was abroad, someone misused my name and address and gave my information to the police for a traffic violation and speeding. After 3 years, when I returned to Uk, I found out about the court warning and a fine of 1300 pounds and 6 points on my driving licence and had to pay that fine because I had no other choice. I made a complaint on 2019 but the court didn’t help me much because the fine was paid already. now after 7 years, can I find that person’s name and address (I have vehicle’s plate number) and make complaint against him?

  4. I have come home from work to find a van abandoned up against my wall outside the front of my house. When I done a reg check, it appears the mot expired I Sept 2021 and has no tax. I have been in a dispute with my neighbour and am wondering if this may be something to do with him. What can I do about the van?

  5. Need the address to registration plate as owner is holding personal possession of mine and is blackmailing. I don’t wish ideally to call police but just to resolve this normally. This is in Northern Ireland. I know the guy. He pretended to help as I was leaving the country taking my stuff saying he would sell it for me.

    1. Hi , l have a problem with some guy,but hi scratch my car on the car park, l got just video With him number pleate,l like contact With him ,i dont have call to Police, for me its better how we talk and stary With good relationship, how l wana find him phone number or adress? Thanks for help 👍

  6. I believe my dad has taken out a car in my name and has gone through my pip to do so, I need to check to make sure he hasn’t done so

    1. I owned a vehicle and I see from the DVLA that it is no longer has an mot or road tax I would like to buy this back
      How do I find out who is the current owner?

  7. i want to buy the numberplate on the car… im doubting the dvla will give out details for that unfrotunatly

  8. hi my query is about a jeep of my late husbands that was sold almost two years ago..i have noticed that one of his family is driving around with my late husbands trailer which he was not given but took. the trailer has my late husbands jeep no on it his van reg is different. Now i know this is illegal so what can i do about it..

    1. You can report this to the police, the trailer if it is still in your husband’s name, report it as stolen. And the registration number they can easily validate online if it was tempered with (you can do that yourself on to check if the registration number matches the vehicle)

  9. I have had someone body hit my front end drivers side, done a little bit of damage, my Mum was in passenger side, it looks like he deliberately Reversed into me, I got his details and it now appears his number plate is false as well. Might have to contact the Police

  10. I had an accident and the outher car disputes its their fault. There was a witness but they gave me the wrong phone number. All i have is her first name and car reg. How can i trace her to get a statement?

  11. So every 6months or i get threats of legal action from diff police. The same issue is car are driven insured etc in my name. The tjing is i am stroke survivor and barely walk or talk so def do not drive or own cars. I have paid fines because of this. I keep telling dvla and police same issue. I ask if they stop my name being used for anything on the road but it never stops. Please please help.

    1. Hope you have sorted this out, but if someone is using your name it is identity theft. Try contacting Citizens Advice first and take with you as much paperwork relating to this problem as possible. It is possible to get on-line advice from a solicitor starting at £5-10 or so. Good luck,

  12. I was trying to find the new owner of my old car . since lockdown I used it for pizza delivery and got 6 months mot extended so 1.5 year of heavy use , I sold it to we buy any car with 98k mileage. but after doing a free vehicle check it’s passed mot a month ago with 68k and was taxed this week .
    I think I should let the new owners know it’s done 30k more than they think

    1. If you have sold the vehicle to We Buy Any Car then it should be up to them to notify their customer I believe. Have you alerted them?

  13. Please if someone could help me…. I sold my car in 2019 but with a private reg I couldn’t afford to get it removed at that point, I would now like to buy the registration plate back, I have had a look on the website and it says the car is now sorned, but the person I sold it to has resold it to someone else, is there anyway I can find out who now legally owns the car? So I can try back the private registration plate back? If the car is classed as sorned then I assume they no longer use the car or registration plate?

    1. I’m trying to find the same.

      I see the reg hasn’t been registered since 2012 since I sold it. I would really like it back but don’t know who to contact.

  14. Our church car was knocked by a guy who ran away after the accident we can get any help he cant be found.

    1. yes my dear, call the police, some times they can be assholes and not help, some times they can help. depending on the mood.
      good luck sweetie

  15. Back in the 80’s my first cat was scrapped off after an accident, so how do I trace the registration plate to see if it is available to buy

    1. I tried to get my husbands reg after his car was totalled in 1999. I was told it’s not possible to get it

    2. I have found the Service History documents for a vehicle I no longer own – I’d like to pass them to the current owner, but don’t want to spend a huge amount of time filling in forms and making phone calls. Is there an easy way to pass forward these documents ?

  16. I am trying to find the owner of my late mother’s fiat 126 and don’t know how to do it , would it be worth filling in the v888 form for DVLA ?

      1. I would like to track my first car which is still on the road. Would be interested to see if they did this for you?

  17. I would like to buy a number plate…I know it is on a particular car, but that’s all the information I have.

  18. I really want to buy back my old mini which I sold last year 🙁 is it worth contacting the DVLA on the off chance they might be able to help ?

    1. Hi
      I’m in the same boat because I want to buy back my Grandparents old Ford C Max. I’m thinking about sending a letter to the DVLA seeing if they will pass my details onto the current owner.

  19. I am trying to discover to whom my Norton motorcycle was first registered. Registration is *** **** which is a Guildford plate. DVLA will not release such details now, how do I go about fnding out please?

    1. Hi Nigel

      Unfortunately the DVLA will need a ‘just cause’ i.e. a reason to disclose a previous keeper’s name/address etc.

  20. I had a bike years ago it still comes up on the dvla website how would I find the keeper as I have forgotten as I was a teenager when I sold it and I would like to find it. I was the last keeper before because I took it for its last mot by record. many thanks blaine case

    1. I’m in the same boat because I want to buy my Grandparents old car back. I’m tempted to see if the DVLA would pass my details onto the current owner.

  21. Hi bought a damaged salvage car sent v62 form of not heard anything back yet and wanting to tax car and put private plate on it but need ref no of log book cheers neil
    Can you help.

  22. Hi,
    I have 4 points on my license which was given a year back i.e. 20-May-2019 but i came to know on 21-May-2020 when i called insurance company to get the insurance renewed.
    Neither i ever owned the car nor i was driving the car but when i contacted the court they said, name & DOB matches with the offender but not the address. I gave the Statutory declaration but it needs to be verified and it will take 2 months. The fine is still unpaid.
    How can i get my points removed and insurance has gone up by 2.5 times?
    Any help or suggestions would be really usefull.

    1. Do you have legal cover on your car insurance? If so we would strongly advise using that and seeking professional advice.

  23. Can anyone help bought her damage repairable car trying to get in touch with last owner to see if there’s any service history and to get the spare set of keys can anybody help in finding it last owner of this car reg no I believe the car came from Daventry area anybody can help shed a little light on it tel [removed]

  24. I sold a car to someone which they purchased by bank transfer. They have took the car and disputed the payment from the bank and the money has been returned to them. So I’ve been left with no car and none of the money is it possible to find the car off the reg

    1. Hi Rob

      Do you mean find the owner’s details? Unfortunately, these are only available from the DVLA directly. But it does sound like you would have a good reason to obtain them. Have you contacted the police as this sounds like fraud?


  26. I really want to find where my old car is so I can buy it back at some point but I doubt that’ll be a ‘just cause’

    1. Hi Alex, same here! I want to locate my first motorbike! I sold it in Spain, and after 2 kids, a divorce and 14 years I’m ready to ride again!! Ha I’ve checked, its back in the UK, been sorn off the road for 2 years, with really low mileage, so I wrote to the DVLA and, yep, won’t give me the details, so I emailed back to see if they can give my details, but now we are in lockdown, I’m not going to hear back for a while… fingers crossed 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

      1. Hi Sarah, please let me know if they give you the details cause l’d love to have my old car back. Good luck.

        1. I’d be interested to know too, very. Great that you have taken things this far 😉 so do please let us know the outcome. I want to get back the original number plate for my moggie (69 BYT) which was transferred to another car by the previous owner and is still in use on the road, according to the DVLA search engine, although its on a white diesel Mazda now 🙁

          I guess “69 Bright Young Thing” appeals to some, although I swear I am only after it for originality!

  27. some idiot crashed into my car and drove off i reported it to the police ,they did not want to know ! i have gone f to the dlva to reoslve the issue but they refuse to help and wont give out the driver information . how else can i get it the police say its too late to look into it now this is a nightmare thankyou

    1. Hi, I am afraid we can’t give out driver information even in circumstances like this – as we simply don’t know it.

      I would suggest to contact your car insurance company who can look into the issue and notify the police.

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