Is My Car Tax Disc Worth Anything?

It’s been a while since we had to display tax discs (VED) on our cars here in the UK, but did you know that the very last one to be printed is for sale?

Surprisingly, these old tax discs have found some retail value on sites like eBay – but there are estimated to be over 1M cars still displaying old VED discs, so it’s unlikely that they will all be worth something.

The real value comes with the rarity, and in this case it doesn’t get much rarer than the very last one to be printed by the DVLA. The disc was issued up until 31 October 2014, almost a month after it was no longer compulsory to show a disc on a vehicle according to UK law. The tax disc shows how a driver paid £99 in Vehicle Excise Duty back in May 2014 for their MG.

To buy the historic tax disc instantly, buyers must pay an eye-watering £250 upfront. However, other options are available.Interested parties can make the seller an immediate offer for less money which could be considered and potentially accepted.

Keen buyers could also make use of a credit system and pay £12 per month over 24 months to pay back the value of the disc.

But be aware of other stealth costs if you are looking to buy one of these old tax discs. Delivery fees are also charged, sometimes up to £8.50 and the seller warns the disc may not be delivered until at least the first week of November.

A Car Road Tax disc issued by the DVLA – no longer legally required, of course!

Other “collectible” discs available on the eBay marketplace for top prices include a set of seven former paper discs belonging to a Ford vehicle.

The various discs show dates from 2006 to 2009 and one is currently available on the online marketplace for £200. Last year, one tax disc sold for a massive £1,225 after 16 bids took the rare 1921 edition pass its initial £100 starting price.

Another set of two vintage tax discs sold for a massive £860 as historic motoring fans jump to own a piece of history. A classic 1921 vintage disc has hit eBay for a shocking £750 and note that 11 people watch the trade on the online platform.

How to check if car tax is valid

It’s true that car tax discs aren’t required to be displayed now, but it’s still very much a legal requirement to buy tax. And if a seller hasn’t got it, could that be a warning that other things aren’t quite in order? Don’t forget to check all the other important points when you’re buying a used car, not just the VED (car tax). You might live to regret it if you don’t.

So what do you think, is your tax disc a potential collector’s item? Or is this just another load of junk that people on eBay are trying to sell? Let us know in the comments.

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15 thoughts on “Is My Car Tax Disc Worth Anything?

  1. Hi I have got some old car road tax discs like from 23rd Feb 2007 to 31st January 08 up until to 31st May 15
    Please can you throw some light on this as would like to know their worth.
    Many many thanks

  2. Hi, I have three discs, expiry dates are 30.11.13, 31.05.14 and 30.11.14. I know they’re not very old but are they worth anything. Thank you.

  3. I have same taxe disk for my old car 31 01 04 To 31 01 15 all 12 off them same car n e value

  4. I have various tax discs from a BMW 5 series reg no. X523 CDW, the discs date from 30/09 05 to 30/09/14, can you please let me know their value.

  5. I’m email address is M*********** is my tax disc worth eney money 30 04 15 for 12 months I’ve still got the car

  6. My name is Robert Weatherill can you le me know the value of my tax disks issued by Dvla I have one of the last disc issued on26/02/14 expired 28/2/15 revious ones in possession is 31/08/11 & 03/03/12 & 05/09/12 & 01/03/13 and last but one 27/8/13 obviously the first one given at the top of message is one of the last thank you .

    1. I’ve got same car tax from 31 01 04 to 31 01 15. Same car all 12 n e various if you could let now please

  7. After reading an article I searched my old records and found 2 old tax discs.
    One with a date of 31/01/11 and the other with 31/01/15.
    I should be very grateful if you could let me know if these are of any value before I try to sell them.
    Ron Mason

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