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We don’t do free car text checks because they’re invariably lacking in detail. There is only so much information that can be squeezed into a text message. And quite often there are cheaper, online based checks (that you can do on your smartphone anywhere, instantly)  -including our own famous Premium check service. As long as you have a signal, you can access our website and grab a car data check for any vehicle. About 60% of our traffic comes from mobile users, so are the days of SMS-based vehicle checks over now that anyone can access the internet from practically anywhere? Let’s investigate.

How much do they cost?

Most of the car text check services in 2019 cost about £3 – £5, which is basically a premium SMS service. This is about half the price of what we provide in our Premium report service – but wait,  what does that seemingly low price include? According to the CarTextCheck website:

  • Check if it’s STOLEN
  • Check if it’s WRITTEN-OFF
  • Check DVLA data and Valuation etc.
  • Instant results anywhere!

It’s important to state that this is not a subscription service being offered, it is a one-off SMS so you should only get billed once. That said, it’s a false economy to buy a cheaper service of product in many cases.

All of the above data check information is available from within our Premium car data check service (but, crucially, we also include a LOT more). One thing that stands out is that the SMS check service lacks a considerable amount of information that you may not want to pass up on when buying a used car – or it may cost you more in the long run. We’ll summarise here the differences between CarTextCheck’s offering and our Premium service.

Should I buy a text check?

Let’s summarise what we offer as part of our Premium checks, versus the various ‘car text check’ services. Firstly, FreeCarCheck’s Premium data checks include ALL the following:

  • MOT Valid
  • Taxed Check
  • Performance Data
  • Vehicle Valuation
  • MOT History
  • Police Stolen
  • Write-off Check
  • Outstanding Finance?
  • Import Check
  • Mileage Anomaly
  • Cloned Check
  • Scrapped Check
  • £30,000 Guarantee


The bolded items above are critical when deciding if you should buy a used vehicle – if you purchase a car or bike with outstanding finance then you will likely have to hand it back. Is it worth the risk? Probably not, for the sake of a few £ extra.

We also check for cloned vehicles – read our guide on ‘what is a cloned vehicle’ here.

And last but not least our Data Guarantee protects you in case of an inaccuracy in some of our data. In short, if you buy a vehicle based on our data check reporting inaccurate data, you may be entitled to a refund (either part or full) on the car purchase price that you paid. It is unclear if any of these car text check services offer a ‘Data Guarantee’ at the time of writing, but there is no mention of it on the CarTextCheck website as far as we can see.

And don’t forget our FREE report service includes an MOT history check, emissions data check, and much more.