Football related Personalised Number Plates

Personalised number plates are a bit like Marmite to most people, you either love them or hate them. And for those that fall into the former, the costs of acquiring them can be very high indeed. For the others, it’s often a confusing and baffling thing to spend one’s money on. Today we’re going to take a look into the world of personalised number plates in football and sport.  Thankfully, have produced such a list of all-time greats:

The accurately represented ‘WE57 HAM’ number plate was sold for £58,320 at auction, closely followed by ‘AR53 NAL’ which cost just over £46,000. Anyone who has ever used PistonHeads Forums will know about the longstanding threads where people post either ‘good’ or ‘crap’ number plates – such as here.

Other accurate number plates include ‘V1 LLA’ which cost £45,000 and ‘BRI5 TOL’ which hit the hammer for £20,000.

‘FU11 HAM’ was a cheaper alternative at just £7,000, with ‘CHE 153A’ being sold for an affordable £5,663.

Fans of the national team missed out on securing the unique ‘EN61 AND’ for £15,000, while a supporter bagged the clever ‘F4 CUP’ for £14,595. Destitute fans can get a customised number plate from as meager as £250 and it should be conceivable to discover something that fits on the DVLA government site.

Consolidating your group’s initials with your name makes the number plate remarkable and is consequently prone to minimize expenses.

Greater clubs have seen number plates go for a ton of cash and fans are educated to change around all abbreviations with respect to a clubs name to swoop an arrangement. Manchester United fans can utilise either ‘MU’, ‘MUFC’, ‘MCR’ or ‘MANUTD’ as the beginning of a number plate search, with Chelsea fans having the decision between ‘CFC’ or the more typical shortened form of ‘CHE’.

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